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(əbˈsɔːbəns; -ˈzɔː-)
(General Physics) physics a measure of the light-absorbing ability of an object, expressed as the logarithm to base 10 of the reciprocal of the internal transmittance. See transmittance


(æbˈsɔr bəns, -ˈzɔr-)

n. Physics.
the capacity of a substance to absorb radiation.
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Noun1.absorbance - (physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation
density, denseness - the amount per unit size
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
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I% = [(Ablank - Asample) / Ablank] x 100, where Ablank is the absorbance of the control reaction (containing all reagents except the test sample), and Asample is the absorbance of the extracts/reference.
6 ml hydrogen peroxide solution, tubes were vortexed and absorbance of the hydrogen peroxide at 230 nm was determined after 10 min, against a blank.
luteus showed 100% absorbance of Cd(II) on all incubatory periods; 24, 48, 72, and 96 h (Fig.
30 units of absorbance measured at a wave length [lambda]= 665 nm (22), with and without nutrients, at a temperature of 25 [+ o -] 1[grados]C, with a smooth shaking, making use of air pumps and photoperiods of time day/night of 12 hours.
The first spectrophotometric method is based on the reaction of cephalexin with sodium 1, 2-naphthoquinone-4-sulfonate (NQS) and measured the absorbance at 475 nm.
Diluted serum (500 uL) was taken in a test tube for phenol-sulphuric acid test and absorbance was measured.
The mixture was then kept at room temperature in the dark for 10 min, and the absorbance was measured at 462 nm.
The necessity to dissolve the precipitate before absorbance measurement makes MTT bioreduction an end-point assay (15).
During the SYG pretreat, the absorbance of O-H stretch peak became higher, it mented that tne number of O-H increased.
Sample S-1 stands for new transformer oil which acts as a reference for both wavelength and absorbance for the rest of the samples.
The absorbance measurements were performed with a Perkin Elmer Lambda 850 spectrometer equipped with a 150 mm integrating sphere (IS) detector.