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In the Southern Ocean the winter is not so excessively cold, but the summer is far less hot, for the clouded sky seldom allows the sun to warm the ocean, itself a bad absorbent of heat: and hence the mean temperature of the year, which regulates the zone of perpetually congealed under-soil, is low.
The cherub stood helplessly rubbing his chin and looking on, but on the whole was inclined to welcome this diversion as one in which, by reason of the absorbent properties of hysterics, the previous question would become absorbed.
A dye free medical towel, comprising: a cotton absorbent cloth having: a reflectance percentage value of greater than about 25 and less than about 75, between about 360 nm and about 750 nm, a whiteness value of less than about 50% WI-CIE, an absorbency rate of greater than about 2 millimeters per second; and a lint release less than 700,000 particles of 0.
Historically, nursing has turned to absorbent products such as adult briefs as one of the primary means of managing incontinence.
China's Gas Absorbent Production, Capacity and Demand
9,597,234 Very Absorbent, Thin Adhesive Dressing, and Uses Thereof for the Treatment of Chronic Wounds: Stephane Auguste, Ruffey les Echirey, France; Jean-Marc Pernot, Dijon, France; Anne-Sophie Danerol, Dijon, France; and Aurelie Charre, Montanay, France.
When incontinence is deemed treatment-resistant, a range of absorbent products and collection devices are available to maintain dryness and comfort, while keeping both skin and dignity intact.
Includes super absorbent polymers used extensively in industry.
Absorbent Article Having Low Rigidity Sections: Hirotomo Mukai, Kanonji, Japan; Akiyoshi Kinoshita, Kanonji, Japan; Tomoko Tsuji, Kanonji, Japan; Norihiko Ishikawa, Kanonji, Japan; and Tatsuya Hashimoto, Kanonji, Japan.
Super Absorbent Company Reports Exceptional Performance of Its Soil Input in Preliminary Results from Major Growers' Trial
Absorbent Members Having Density Profile: Luigi Marinelli, Pescara, Italy; Kirk Wallace Lake, Cincinnati, OH; Jill Marlene Orr, Liberty Township, OH; Paul Thomas Weisman, Cincinnati, OH; Carmine Cimini, Pescara, Italy; Mario Dipilla, Pescara, Italy; and Keith Robert Priessman, Hamilton, OH.
In response to increased domestic and international sales demand for its eco-friendly soil inputs, Super Absorbent Company (www.