absorption band

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Noun1.absorption band - a dark band in the spectrum of white light that has been transmitted through a substance that exhibits absorption at selective wavelengths
optical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon related to or involving light
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Dry ground group: Calibration set (25 samples), prediction set (25 samples), absorption band (400 to 2500), number of data points (1,050, every 2 nm of the spectra).
1]) in the Amide I absorption band observed in AM-G shows the crosslinking of the aldehyde groups of glutaraldehyde with amino groups of amniotic membrane.
Spectra of the four hexoses analyzed did not show similar peaks in the C-O region, in particular for glucose, which presents a strong absorption band at 1033 [cm.
The ring-opening polymerization of PBA-a was observed from the disappearance of the absorption band at 1493 and 942 [cm.
The appearance of sharp absorption band at 1610 [cm.
1] glucose absorption band, thereby adversely affecting spectral quality by reducing the SNR for the measurement.
And it just so happens that the energy radiated by the sugar's discharge matches the wavelength of the wintergreen's absorption band.
Al the same lime, there appeared a broader and considerably stronger absorption band at 1677 [cm.
The absorption band present at 1214 nm is assigned to the second overtone of CH stretching and the band at 2267 nm is assigned to the combination of CH stretching and CH deformation vibration mode due to C[H.
The characteristic absorption band of the stretching vibration of NCO group is at 2273 [cm.
The absorption of the olefinic bond in conjugation with the carbonyl group occurs at a lower frequency than that of an isolated (C=C) bond [13], furthermore, there is no IR absorption band for hydroxyl group (-OH), but there is a large IR absorption bands at 1320-1329 [cm.
The absorption band at 196 nm with a shoulder at 210 nm in pure PVA is assigned to [pi]-[pi]* transitions.