absorption band

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Noun1.absorption band - a dark band in the spectrum of white light that has been transmitted through a substance that exhibits absorption at selective wavelengths
optical phenomenon - a physical phenomenon related to or involving light
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All absorption band characteristics of PE and PTFE can also be observed in IR spectra of PE-PTFE composite coating with discharge treatment.
The absorption band is characteristic of the high-level excitonic excitation absorption of a semiconductor, clearly showing the successful deposition of Pb-Sb-S QDs on the ZnO surface.
The absorption band of the urethane carbonyl groups (C=O in -NH-CO-O-) was not observed because of complete degradation during the reaction.
The FA spectrum has strong absorption band at 3400 cm-1 followed by strong band at 1650 cm-1 and 1000 cm-1.
1]) and absorption band of oleic acid (v = 2924 [cm.
Presence of aragonite can be identified obviously from IR absorption band of symmetric stretch vibration [v.
FTIR spectroscopy recorded an absorption band at ~1578 [cm.
Our calculations show that the surface defects introduce mid-gap states that are weakly optically active resulting in a lowest energy red shifted absorption band.
The typical characteristic of absorption band corresponding to C-O-C of oxazine at 1229 [cm.
Cu (II) compounds are blue or green because of single broad an absorption band in the region (15,432) [cm.
Its optical configuration minimizes any interference effects, while its use of the sensitive mid-infrared absorption band allows the thinnest of coatings such as lubricant layers on can stock to be easily and accurately measured.