abstract music

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absolute music, abstract music, pure music - Absolute music (abstract music, pure music) is music for its own sake—concerned only with structure, melody, harmony, and rhythm.
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That's something that someone can understand who's not interested in abstract music, even though the kernel of the idea is still conceptually very sound.
The remarkable transformation was completed with abstract music, composed by Mark Reveley.
To wind this all up on a more abstract note, former Worcester-area poet Otis Galloway, working under the name DJ 02is, has been recording strange, funky abstract music as part of something called "The 99 Project.
Accompanied by keyboard, drums and vocals, the eight-track album of progressive and abstract music is representative of his own taste in music, encompassing bands like Genesis and 1970s "progressive rock" band Yes.
Some authors integrate socio-cultural contexts, an element whose addition to more of the contributions would have been welcome, although it might have been far-fetched when discussing abstract music such as Chopin's use of "modular conception" (p.
There is greater dynamic range, more detail of orchestral color, and in general, the score works better as abstract music in the hands of the Post-Classical Ensemble.
In a similar way, Dante's attempt to describe the abstract music of heaven is prepared by the transition from monophony to polyphony that takes place between Purgatory and Paradise, allowing the readers to come to terms with such a powerful concept as the sound of God.
That makes Being There a great album, with the familiar drop-dead gorgeous melodies, the Latin and Gospel touches, even a little freer, more abstract music on Interlude and parts of Karmosin.
Noise is to sonic art what abstract painting is to visual art, so it's probably fair to think of it as abstract music.
We dance, we do abstract music and then we go and do a commercial record.
For a master of abstract music, Johannes Brahms enjoyed surprisingly close ties with the most realistic of media, photography.
This is fairly abstract music, but its elemental nature and sense of spontaneous human three-way conversation in sound makes it fairly compelling providing the listener can find a way in.