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Whether others,have this wonderful faculty of abstracting their ideas, they best can tell: for myself, I dare be confident I have it not.
For, it is evident we observe no footsteps in them of making use of general signs for universal ideas; from which we have reason to imagine that they have not the faculty of abstracting, or making general ideas, since they have no use of words or any other general signs.
Quality concerns applied to another intellectual process, abstracting, is the focus of our present discussion.
The new database is also distinguished by a cover-to-cover approach to indexing and abstracting of publications; full 50-to-150-word abstracts, convenient as references sources in themselves and designed to provide enough information to easily determine whether articles meet research needs; time-saving search options, including keyword, controlled vocabulary, and abstract word searches; monthly updates on disc and tape, supplemented by twice-weekly updates available online; citations included for education-related legal cases; online updates available to CD-ROM and magnetic tape subscribers; and full bibliographic data for each entry.
Though some abstracting services cover non-English journals, the editor of one Mexican medical journal noted that it had to provide English abstracts for its articles, publish on time, and buy a $10,000 subscription to SCI in order to qualify for inclusion.