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The theory and practice of abstract art.

ab·strac′tion·ist n.
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Noun1.abstractionist - a painter of abstract picturesabstractionist - a painter of abstract pictures  
painter - an artist who paints
suprematist - an artist of the school of suprematism
Adj.1.abstractionist - not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of natureabstractionist - not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature; "a large abstract painting"
nonrepresentational - of or relating to a style of art in which objects do not resemble those known in physical nature
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She punishes abstractionists, and will only forgive an induction which is rare and casual.
ISLAMABAD -- Leading abstractionist painter Mansoor Rahi said on Wednesday that painting is a very strong instrument and language which help to propagate through art painting all over the world.
Despite having a couple of mistresses, he was no Augustus John; though he lived through the turbulent decades of the 1920s and '30s, he was not a political painter; nor was he an abstractionist or a surrealist when these movements were at their height in Britain.
His work has been shown around the world and fellow artist Maxwell Doig said: "David Blackburn is not a landscape artist, not an abstractionist in the ordinary sense.
Alice presents a narrative of sorts, which is unusual for Lee, who is known as a staunch abstractionist.
They're choreographers you would never expect to see sharing a bill with Martha Graham: Modern dancer Kyle Abraham, tapper Michelle Dorrance, contemporary abstractionist Liz Gerring and Sonya Tayeh of "So You Think You Can Dance.
At that time he was a painter of geometric abstracts, and the abstractionist tendency never deserted his work even when it has represented the English countryside.
Embracing this perspectival dimension of the category of Dalit, Dalit theology highlighted how even in theologies that had a liberationist focus, the issue of justice to the Dalits was rendered "untouchable" by the employing of abstractionist, generalized, and universalized language, which occluded focus on caste-based discrimination and thereby safe-guarded the question of caste from being subjected to moral denunciation.
Benton started out an abstractionist only to become an infamous realist; Pollock went the other way, working through a regionalist style to arrive at his famous dripped abstractions.
L'Europe des esprits ou la fascination de l'occult 1750-1950 (see the catalog edited by Pijaudier-Cabot & Fauchereau, 2011), traced the influence of spirituality, occultism, and related topics on important artists of the Romantic, Symbolic, Abstractionist, and of course, Surrealist schools (see also Choucha, 1992; Waldo-Schwartz, 1977).
The sitting room is decorated with a Post-Painterly Abstractionist canvas in the manner of Kenneth Noland, reading all at once as a stylized lunar rainbow, a camera lens, and a nest of ciphers.
This book features some of these portraits, including stunning drawings and studies in charcoal, but the emphasis is on his less-known work as designer, illustrator, and abstractionist.