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 (əb-sûr′dĭz-əm, -zûr′-)
1. A philosophy, often translated into art forms, holding that humans exist in a meaningless, irrational universe and that any search for order by them will bring them into direct conflict with this universe: "True absurdism is not less but more real than reality" (John Simon).
2. An act or instance of the ridiculous: "This strained conceit never quite locates screen equivalents for the stage absurdisms" (Village Voice).

ab·surd′ist adj. & n.


the belief that life is meaningless and that all attempts to understand the universe are doomed to fail


(æbˈsɜr dɪz əm, -ˈzɜr-)

the philosophic and literary doctrine that humans live essentially isolated in a meaningless and irrational world.
ab•surd′ist, n., adj.
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Roy Chen's "The Mosquito" indulges in a metafictional fantasy that reveals traces of Russian and Eastern European absurdism.
Lethem works in an interesting literary space between realism and absurdism, modernism and postmodernism, satire and a particular brand of DeLillo-inspired darkness.
This low-key work of bittersweet Caribbean absurdism follows the travails of Monica and Aldo, a young couple struggling to get by in contemporary Cuba, where the revolution is as flimsy as old newsprint and market capitalism is neither illegal nor free.
From musical gyrations to deconstructed nursery rhymes, Python-esque absurdism to pyrotechnics, dream sequences and live, interactive film, expect the hilariously unexpected.
Taking his cues from favorite authors like Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut, Dunphy chases after absurdism.
Alexey Chernov's Mirror for the Soul smashes together elements of Camus-esque absurdism, James Thierree-like circus performance, unconscious imagery and street-dance-cum-Russian ballet to refract, tantalise and haunt audiences with memories of a bygone life permeated with grey-gradient nostalgia and regret.
27) Simmering beneath the laughter in Behan's absurdism is a visionary vitality.
But while Pilger has captured the realities of life for young women of the millennial generation - hapless, contradictory, imbued with a grandiose sense of entitlement - her whip-smart book also has a clear legacy of absurdism, harking back to Flynn O'Brien's The Third Policeman or John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.
With the writer-director Adam McKay's popular brand of improvisation-aided absurdism returning next week in "Anchorman 2,'' it bears repeating that Perry is an inveterate ad-libber.
But in doing so, it verges on absurdism -- the very conflict between man's urge to find inherent value in life and his inability to do so.
And his so-called antiwesterns, with their existential minimalism, lack of motivation and plotting, and Kafkaesque absurdism, enjoy high esteem among German cineastes.
Hamm proposes to write out a meaning, thereby opening up the possibility of reframing the situation and repositioning the commitment to read into what was thought to be the normalized given or the reality of absurdism.