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v. a·but·ted, a·but·ting, a·buts
To touch or end at one end or side; lie adjacent.
1. To border upon or end at; be next to.
2. To support as an abutment.

[Middle English abutten, from Old French abouter, to border on (a-, to from Latin ad-; see ad- + bouter, to strike; see bhau- in Indo-European roots) and from Old French abuter, to end at (from but, end; see butt4).]

a·but′ter n.


(Law) property law the owner of adjoining property
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Noun1.abutter - the owner of contiguous propertyabutter - the owner of contiguous property  
landholder, landowner, property owner - a holder or proprietor of land


n (US) → Anlieger(in) m(f); (to one’s own land) → (Grenz)nachbar(in) m(f)
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The judge found the abutters reliance on West to be misplaced.
Research should be sufficient so as to enable the SURVEYOR to formulate a legally defensible opinion as to the location of the title boundaries of the subject property and to determine if the title boundaries are in agreement with, or in conflict with, title boundaries of pertinent abutters back to the key deed at a minimum.
Margaret Sheehan, an attorney for the abutters, said last week the challenge against Entergy and town officials came down to whether the spent fuel facility "is a matter of right or does it require a special permit, which would require a public hearing and allow Plymouth to add conditions.
Chaffee will need a permit for his planned operation, which will require notification to abutters and a public hearing.
Such a bylaw would aim to protect both the rights of the individual landowner and, since the visual impact of solar arrays is so extensive, it would also seek to protect abutters and maintain the "sense of place'' or rural identity of the town.
2-acre property, work has begun in areas closer to the neighborhoods, inciting concern from abutters about noise, dust and visual impact of the mining operations.
With input from those responsible for funding the cleanup, abutters to the contaminated site, the EPA and the town, the plan was agreed upon and lauded as a big step forward after many years of static.
The Forest Society is correct in that most public roads are right-of-way easements and abutters technically own the land to the center of the road, as well as the air space above it, for that matter.
I get very little feedback about the extra information I include in the report about abutters or expiring above-market leases or risky sources of income.
In frontier regions with muddled property rights to land, competition between indigenous people and abutters over the ownership of natural resources should increase forest clearance.
also includes rigging, general clean up, protection of roof membrane, cleaning around middle school building and rooftop work area, signs & barricades, mobilization/demobilization, restoration of property, cooperation with other contractors, abutters and utilities and accessories and fasteners or components required to make items complete and functional.