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 (ăk′ə-dē′mē-ə, -dā′-)
The academic community; academe.

[New Latin acadēmīa, from Latin, the Academy; see academy.]


(Education) the academic world


(ˌæk əˈdi mi ə, -ˈdim yə, -ˈdɛm i ə, -ˈdɛm yə)

the academic world; academe.
[1945–50; < New Latin, Latin]
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Noun1.academia - the academic worldacademia - the academic world      
world, domain - people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest; "the Western world"
college - the body of faculty and students of a college
university - the body of faculty and students at a university
tenure - give life-time employment to; "She was tenured after she published her book"


noun academic life, learning, scholarship, academe (literary), university life, the groves of Academe (literary) strong links between industry and academia


[ˌækəˈdiːmɪə] nmonde m universitaire
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Academia Barilla's experience and passion for Italian gastronomic tradition makes them the ideal partner.
Through on-job training, the Industry and Academia Corporation Program hopes to provide personnel a diverse and flexible learning environment, encourage personnel to engage in advanced studies, and assist personnel to solve theory-related problems at work.
Zahid Maqbool signing MoU with ICMAP leading institute of the country, said that we have to promote close liaison between academia & industry because a well-organized academia-industry linkage can better help promote businesses and improve the national economy.
He scored a few projects that were so minor he can barely remember their titles but decided it would be better to find a job in academia.
Saba is a recognized leader in the delivery of online learning and real-time collaboration for academia," said Jan Day, Director of Building Blocks, Blackboard.
The school board will vote on the application by Ivy Academia, which will be the name of the school if it is approved.
Chairman Lai expressed, "The Academia-Industry Consortium for Southern Taiwan Science Park will devote itself to increase the cooperation opportunities between academia, industry and research institutions, enhance its comprehensive development and elevate the competitiveness of national high-tech industry to match the international standards.
But before the company began focusing on human diseases, some of Amgen's scientists fresh out of academia were tinkering with other ideas, including growth hormones for chickens.
The Academia Sanchez-Casal of Barcelona, Spain, and the Bouchard Group of Naples, Fla.
The purpose of these MoUs is to bridge the gap between academia and industry in Pakistan, develop market based curricula and produce demand driven qualified human resource.
PARMA, Italy, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Representatives from the world's leading culinary, cultural and gastronomic groups celebrated the opening of Academia Barilla -- an international center in Parma, Italy, dedicated to defending, promoting and developing Italian gastronomy through the world.
The Alcoa Foundation's Global Network will bring together many of the world's best minds from academia, government, NGOs and industry to find new paths toward sustainability.