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Noun1.academic administrator - an administrator in a college or universityacademic administrator - an administrator in a college or university
administrator, decision maker - someone who administers a business
dean - an administrator in charge of a division of a university or college
prexy, president - the head administrative officer of a college or university
provost - a high-ranking university administrator
registrar - the administrator responsible for student records
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One female academic administrator in the sciences, a woman in her thirties married with young children, admits that women would want things changed, but points out that there is not much they can do at present:
Shalala, a public servant and academic administrator and Kadi.
Although the author notes that journals and the academic press print an occasional article, expressed like a mea culpa, in which an academic administrator expresses mild regret for becoming an administrator, academic administrators are seldom studied, nor are their conflicts with faculty systematically subjected to review, except for reflective pieces, which are principally anecdotal.
an award-winning physician and academic administrator, as NIMH's Deputy Director Strategic Scientific Planning and Program Coordination.
No academic administrator has a personal discretionary power to violate the principle of academic freedom.
In the United States, Canada and Australia, the provost is the senior academic administrator at many institutions of higher education.
Indeed, Dean, a 38-year-old academic administrator from the East Village, sheepishly admitted to sliding down his slacks during a date last month at Erminia Ristorante on the Upper East Side, for a little hanky-panky under fettuccine.
Nettleford, who died in February, became a professor, writer, cultural ambassador, and academic administrator, but his love of dance infused all his activities.
A renowned chemical engineer and academic administrator, Axel Meisen has made significant contributions to education in Canada.
When an academic administrator steps down, remains at the same institution, and is replaced, what kind of relationship do you cultivate with your replacement?
I am a nurse educator and academic administrator, and I am TNA.
Her recent writings include "Fostering Women's Multicultural Alliances as an Academic Administrator," in the spring 2007 issue of the online publication On Campus With Women published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

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