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I found that during my absence from Hampton the institute each year had been getting closer to the real needs and conditions of our people; that the industrial reaching, as well as that of the academic department, had greatly improved.
The council also approved the upgrading of the Medical Education and Information Systems Unit to an academic department.
The test was prepared by the Academic Department of Concordia Colleges and conducted through a Learning Management System (LMS).
Trent University was the first university in Canada, and only the second in North America, to establish an academic department dedicated to the study of Aboriginal peoples.
Academic Department telephone: (902)423-5592, email: academicoffice@astheology.
The City College of San Francisco's accreditation crisis is threatening the existence of the country's only academic department focused on Philippine and Filipino history.
In 1979 Herbie started private practice in Pretoria, while maintaining his association with the academic department on a part-time basis.
Quinn has 18 years of experience in the postsecondary education field, serving various capacities during those years as faculty member, academic department chair, honors program director, federal grant coordinator and director of student retention.
The purpose of this report was to identify best practices in the design and content of college and university academic department Web sites that have been shown to enhance the recruitment of prospective students.
In reality, the faculty of an academic department is its most valuable resource, and every decision a chairman makes is with the faculty's best interests in mind.
PATRICIA CROSS FUTURE LEADERS AWARDS recognizes doctoral-level graduate students, regardless of academic department, who are planning careers in higher education and whose work reflects a strong emphasis on teaching and learning.
Newcastle University ran a pilot project in which potential future managers were selected, trained and given experience and insights into what it's like running an academic department and leading a team of world-class staff.

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