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Noun1.acanthocytosis - the presence of acanthocytes in the blood stream (as in abetalipoproteinemia)acanthocytosis - the presence of acanthocytes in the blood stream (as in abetalipoproteinemia)
blood disease, blood disorder - a disease or disorder of the blood
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For diagnosing neuroacanthocytosis syndromes, detection of acanthocytes in the peripheral blood is an important criterion; however, since the presence of acanthocytosis alone is not significant, there should be accompanying clinical findings (4).
ABL, a condition usually diagnosed early in life, features steatorrhea, oral fat intolerance, acanthocytosis, retinitis pigmentosa, and neurologic abnormalities.
Thus the present article shows the results of using inorganic erythrocytes in simulating of such hematological abnormalities as microspherocytosis, elliptocytosis, stomatocytosis, acanthocytosis and some haemoglobinopathies.