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Noun1.acariosis - infestation with itch mitesacariosis - infestation with itch mites    
infestation - the state of being invaded or overrun by parasites
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Colonies were sampled for pests and parasites and diseases according to OIE methods [20] and disease diagnosis was carried out according to Shimanuki and Knox [21] on the colonies and broods to verify the levels of infestation with nosemosis, varroasis, acariosis, chalkbrood and foulbrood diseases.
For acariosis and nosemosis, the absence of Tracheal mites in all the 42 colonies examined could be linked to the claim that acariosis is more associated with the Western honey bees [27, 28, 29], while the presence of Nosema spores confirmed nosemosis infection in some apiaries [30].