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n.1.(Anat.) One of the small nodules sometimes found in the neighborhood of the spleen; an accessory or supplementary spleen.
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Accessory spleen is an anatomic variant observed time and again in cadaveric dissection.
Evolution of the CT imaging findings of accessory spleen infarction.
9) Epidermoid cysts of intrapancreatic accessory spleen occur almost exclusively in the tail, are seen in younger patients (fourth decade of life), and are surrounded by splenic tissue, while dermoid cysts are also seen in younger patients (third decade of life) and have adnexal structures in their cyst walls.
An accessory spleen which can be present in this location was excluded by the absence of lymphoid follicles in multiple sections.
It may be due to breakdown of the attachment cord or represent a rare variant of an accessory spleen.
Consequently, it is important to accurately differentiate an accessory spleen from other pancreatic lesions requiring more aggressive treatment.
After laparoscopic examination to search for an accessory spleen, the dissection began at splenic flexure with a harmonic ultrasonic dissector.
Three cases of accessory spleen (15%) missed by the pre-operative CT scan were discovered at the beginning of the laparoscopic session and removed, 3 patients with symptomatic cholelithiasis had concomitant laparoscopic cholecystectomy without any additional morbidity, 1 patient had prolonged postoperative ileus that resolved after 3 days, and 1 patient had wound infection at the umbilical incision with no consequences.
On the other hand, the failure of fusion of splenic tissue results in the formation of accessory spleens, and detection of an accessory spleen is important for hematological conditions.