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or ac·cou·ter  (ə-ko͞o′tər)
tr.v. ac·cou·tred, ac·cou·tring, ac·cou·tres or ac·cou·tered or ac·cou·ter·ing or ac·cou·ters
To outfit and equip, as for military duty.

[French accoutrer, from Old French acoustrer, arrange, equip : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + coustrer, sew; see couture.]
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Adj.1.accoutered - provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military)accoutered - provided with necessary articles of equipment for a specialized purpose (especially military); "troops accoutered for battle"; "properly accoutered for the trip"
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
equipped, equipt - provided or fitted out with what is necessary or useful or appropriate; "a well equipped playground"; "a ship equipped with every mechanical aid to navigation"
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The doctor had been no less carefully armed and accoutered by his housekeeper, the vigilant Frau Ilsy, and sallied forth in his camlet robe by way of surcoat,[1] his black velvet cap under his cocked hat, a thick clasped book under his arm, a basket of drugs and dried herbs in one hand, and in the other the miraculous rod of divination.
All were working hard; and he himself looked up from writing a page of memoranda in a private room to see Horne Fisher standing in the doorway, accoutered as if for travel.
Thus accoutered, bog and marsh and undergrowth had no terrors for him.
Using global positioning system, a low-cost aerial camera platform accoutered with an auto pilot bridling standard point-and-shoot camera, the farmers can visualize brass stacks of their crops from software on the ground that stitch aerial shots into a high-A,Aresolution mosaic map.
The sumptuously decorated and accoutered church was granted the privileged status of an asylum church.
Michelle LeBaron has commented about the preposterous idea of middle-aged diplomats and "expensively accoutered lawyers" exchanging their dark suits for dancing shoes.
CRKT delivers the Redemption with a first class black nylon Molle sheath with a plastic insert to hold the knife tight, and further accoutered with leg straps and a pouch for a sharpening stone or folder.
Hall's offbeat presence in what is her first big-budget franchise outing is greatly welcome, Pearce brings an arresting presence to his role as an egghead villain, and a fabulously accoutered and adorned Kingsley has a field day as the elusive Mandarin.