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The two least acculturated groups were found to have the lowest educational and vocational attainment, with 47% and 57% of each of the two groups, respectively, working as laborers.
Gain clarity on what acculturated Hispanics -- the most affluent segment in this consumer group -- want from foodservice operators and why only 11% call "American" their favorite cuisine.
Acculturated Hispanics have a median income of $62,000 and tend to be familiar with American culture and language.
In a breakdown of purchases between February and November 1999 (see chart A), less acculturated households clearly prefer make-it-from-scratch products, such as cooking oil and bouillon, while acculturated households want convenience foods, such as frozen vegetables and breakfast foods.
Of course, this is not to blink at the huge problems facing big city schools, including the special burdens imposed by the huge influx of immigrants who need to be acculturated as much as educated.
Ironically, whereas rural Mexican-American adults are generally less acculturated and more traditional, putting them at low risk for substance abuse, their children may be at high risk as the result of the combined effects of rebellion against traditional behavioral expectations, rapid acculturation, and the experience of generational and cultural conflicts.
Diner's coverage is thorough; there are explanations of how communities evolved and thrived, and how Jews both acculturated and remained attached to one another while moving up the socio-economic ladder.
Their merger will generate a synesthesia of data experience, one that might finally establish the crucial relation between the phenomenological subject privileged by virtual reality and the acculturated, historical subject that grounds the hypertextual exploration.
Another more recent study relates to the underutilization of health care, and possibly other public service agencies by less acculturated Mexican Americans.
The study shows Hispburbanites differ from Hispanics living in the main port-of-entry cities of New York, Los Angeles and Miami as they tend to be younger, more acculturated, single and wealthier.
As immigration laws tighten, and as the second- and third-generation population increases, marketers and programmers will focus on capturing the attention of the assimilated and acculturated Latinos, he explains.
One important feature involves ancestry: Conjurers are said to be closer to their African roots than other, more acculturated African slaves.