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 (ə-kûr′sĭd, ə-kûrst′) also ac·curst (ə-kûrst′)
1. Abominable; hateful: this accursed mud.
2. Being under a curse; doomed.

[Middle English acursed, past participle of acursen, to put a curse on : a-, intensive pref. (from Old English ā-) + Old English cursian, to cursefrom curs, curse).]

ac·curs′ed·ly adv.
ac·curs′ed·ness n.
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Adj.1.accurst - under a curseaccurst - under a curse        
cursed, curst - deserving a curse; sometimes used as an intensifier; "villagers shun the area believing it to be cursed"; "cursed with four daughter"; "not a cursed drop"; "his cursed stupidity"; "I'll be cursed if I can see your reasoning"
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Thither full fraught with mischievous revenge, Accurst, and in a cursed hour he hies.
All pirates are superstitious, and Cookson cried, "They do say the surest sign a ship's accurst is when there's one on board more than can be accounted for.
Had he followed my training, without thy accurst priestly interference, he had made an ironbarred nest in Torn for many of the doves of thy damned English nobility.