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Noun1.ace of clubs - the ace in the club suitace of clubs - the ace in the club suit    
ace - one of four playing cards in a deck having a single pip on its face
as de tréboles
klöver ess
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Monte Cristo took the pistols he held in his hand when Mercedes entered, and fixing an ace of clubs against the iron plate, with four shots he successively shot off the four sides of the club.
Meanwhile on Sunday, Ace Of Clubs go down the old skool route with dance music originals N-Joi at Lafayette.
Snetterton is the next stop this weekend for the Ace of Clubs meeting - Leonard's first competitive outing of the year - and the team are hoping to carry on with the progress they have made.
The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs will appeal to the middle-scholar's sense of justice and interest in socially charged situations.
ACE OF CLUBS Barry Robson was at Inverness (top left) then played for Dundee Utd, Celtic, Middlesbrough, Vancouver Whitecaps and Sheffield Utd
Lot 12: Tijskenshoekwijk, Bosbeek, Ace of Clubs + By Park;
The three colour hologram is a 3 cm diameter disc of Strongberg Universal's ace of clubs logo.
at the Jaworek School in Marlborough, member of the Red Hats of Marlborough and a former member of the Ace of Clubs, and she enjoyed taking daily walks.
STEPHEN DODD was Wales' own ace of clubs as he trumped his rivals to a fourth National PGA Championship at Southerndown this week.
Actor Gabriel DeSantis-Caron, who plays Humpty Dumpty, the snark hunter and the Ace of Clubs acknowledged the challenge of having multiple roles.
The Ace of Spades as the square of Ben Ali's wife Leila Trabelsi, the former Interior Minister Abdallah Kallel ace of clubs and ace of hearts as a former Interior Minister Habib Ammar.