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Noun1.ace of hearts - the ace in the heart suitace of hearts - the ace in the heart suit    
ace - one of four playing cards in a deck having a single pip on its face
as de corazones
hjärter ess
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The oblong white ceiling, with this scarlet blot in the midst, had the appearance of a gigantic ace of hearts.
Outside the hat was an Ace of Hearts with the heart broken.
You can't remember what singing sounded like before the Ace of Hearts punctured your last lung, can't feel your buddy tapping your shoulder asking "How much you down?
But the police have established no connection between the packets in Vineberg's apartments and the packets bearing the label "Ace of Spades'' or a mark for an ace of hearts found scattered around Hoffman when he was found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment.
Plus, numerous bags of heroin with the label "Ace of Spades" and ace of hearts playing card image were found in his NYC apartment.
The wayward star had also wanted the ace of spades in his pocket but was told that would not be very lucky - and the ace of hearts was suggested instead.
Thanks also to all the local people who have donated gifts for our raffles: Smiths boxing Brothers, Signed gloves etc; Ace of Hearts Limousines; JPC Printers; Miss Cook at the Everton Shop, who donated a signed EFC top, DVD, books etc.
In Hartlepool, officers successfully arrested the "most wanted" Ace of Hearts in the deck of cards and also made five other arrests including the Jack of Hearts, the Ten of Hearts the Four of Hearts and two Nine of Hearts.
The Ace of Spades as the square of Ben Ali's wife Leila Trabelsi, the former Interior Minister Abdallah Kallel ace of clubs and ace of hearts as a former Interior Minister Habib Ammar.
Ace of Hearts - February 16, 2011 - Featured Session: KnowledgeSync.
Fromsong, who aged 11 was the oldest runner on the card, was a fitting winner of the first division of Lennox's handicap, and in the 1m conditions race the ten-year-old Ace Of Hearts was collared only in the dying strides by Jaroslaw, who was one of three runners in a field of six who had a relatively exotic past.