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 (ə-sēt′l, ăs′ĭ-tl)
The methyl acyl group, CH3CO, formally derived from acetic acid.

ac′e·tyl′ic (ăs′ĭ-tĭl′ĭk) adj.


(ˈæsɪˌtaɪl; əˈsiːtaɪl)
(Chemistry) (modifier) of, consisting of, or containing the monovalent group CH3CO-: acetyl group or radical.
[C19: from acet(ic) + -yl]
acetylic adj


(əˈsit l, əˈsɛt l, ˈæs ɪ tl)

the univalent group CH3CO–, derived from acetic acid.
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Noun1.acetyl - the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)acetyl - the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)
acyl, acyl group - any group or radical of the form RCO- where R is an organic group; "an example of the acyl group is the acetyl group"
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