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Noun1.achievability - the state of being achievableachievability - the state of being achievable  
possibleness, possibility - capability of existing or happening or being true; "there is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired"
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Table 1: Pair-wise Comparison Matrix for the Main Criteria Mission Acceptability Achievability Challenging Acceptability 1.
To ensure the project's achievability, MEBS has also launched a private investment fund named Solar Energy-Photovoltaik in Oman as an added incentive.
More pointedly, if a risk doesn't threaten or enhance the achievability of corporate objectives, I question whether it's a risk.
Applicants were narrowed down to 20 finalists by a panel of judges based on the organization's use of community volunteers, project achievability and positive impact on the community.
They can consider a variety of factors: the nature and costs of what is required, the technical or economic impact on the manufacturer or service provider, the type of operations, whether the manufacturer or service provider has a history of providing services with accessibility Achievability is .
alternative solutions to a request that is beyond the limits of either appropriateness or achievability and your attorney forces the issue, outline in writing the reasons the request cannot be accepted prior to going over his or her head Any time that you involve the "higher ups"--be they practice area or office heads, executive directors or anyone on the "C" level--before allowing your lawyer the opportunity to do the right thing, you have stolen his or her honor.
Exemplifying exceptional work ethics, with their straight-talk and honest opinions on cost and achievability, the company has cemented its reputation as an outstanding Internet marketing agency, spearheading the industry across the UK.
ITC's World Export Development Forum, held in Istanbul on 10-11 May 2011 as a side event of the Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (see page 09), presented a view into the complexity, but achievability, of sustainable tourism development, along with the growing importance that the role tourism is playing in helping to build a better future for communities in developing countries, especially in least developed countries.
The census will have many benefits for the development plan, as it will reveal the achievability of local and international investment, through statistical data and commercial and economic factors that outline the necessary points of disadvantage and growth.
Earlier, several voices across the political spectrum questioned the achievability of the western alliance's objectives as the death toll mounts and progress is seen as either slow or non-existent.
And, given limited funds, it is of strategic importance to evaluate strategies in terms of their relative achievability and effectiveness.
But most analysts seem to be skeptical of the achievability of that target.