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Noun1.achievability - the state of being achievableachievability - the state of being achievable  
possibleness, possibility - capability of existing or happening or being true; "there is a possibility that his sense of smell has been impaired"
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Yet with 70pc of Pakistan's female medical school graduates not even entering the profession after qualifying, this seems like a long way off from achievability.
New York: The passage of a tax reform bill by the United States Senate last weekend puts an end to any lingering uncertainty about the achievability of tax reform and points to a joint tax cut bill passing Congress before the end of the year, says Fitch Ratings.
They exploit both; the elites for their obvious susceptibility and streets to use them against the rulers as well as for their strategic and economic achievability.
The achievability of this national development goal, is the result of the separate and collective input into the process by Nigerians and non-Nigerians who live and work within our polity and share our common aspirations.
the primary purpose of the commission is to provide an independent and expert assessment of the achievability of the sites and to review the entirety of the assessment.
delivery and timing risk for shareholders, both in relation to substantial anti-trust issues, pension schemes and the achievability of proposed synergies.
The best way to do this is by opting to hunt the various species in ascending levels of achievability.
This will create inefficiencies and conflicts at the outset, the NAB believes, adding that the need to develop a scheduling plan "that gives the appearance of achievability within the Commission's artificial 39-month deadline has forced the Commission to make unrealistic modeling assumptions that will likely be invalidated in practice.
Assessment and Change of Limiting Beliefs to examine the achievability of a goal, especially identifying and exploring limiting beliefs and motivation to change them using a series of structured questions.
It was informed that on the basis of achievability, scalability and impact, 10 strategic actions were adopted covering all areas related to Financial Inclusion.
However, we have greater confidence in the achievability of US earnings growth, as companies there are somewhat insulated from developments in the EU, and could actually be beneficiaries of increased domestic investment diverted from the EU.
Questions raised fifteen years ago by the Lakhdar Brahimi report about the credibility and achievability of a blanket mandate to protect civilians still await convincing answers, she added.