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adj. ach·i·er, ach·i·est
Experiencing aches.

ach′i·ness n.


a constant, dull pain
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It usually presents as three to five days of achiness that improves with activity and increases with prolonged rest.
For symptomatic patients with flexible flat feet, there is increased intrinsic muscle activity, which can result in soreness and achiness of the feet.
Within days she noted an unusual fatigue after minimal activity, then insomnia, achiness in the joints, and generalized muscle pain and weakness.
Poppy Smith had been kept off school with typical cold symptoms a runny nose and achiness.
I suffered with terrible fatigue and achiness throughout my body, but especially in my legs.
Other symptoms include burning, tingling or numbness, fever, chills, general achiness, headache, and fatigue
The very first symptoms I had were achiness, especially in my knees and shoulders," he points out.
Some disease-modifying treatments (notably the interferons) can cause temporary flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, fatigue and achiness within six to 12 hours after an injection.
Sean also said that most donors experience no side eects other than mild 'ulike symptoms and possibly slight achiness.
It may feel sharp at first and then give way to achiness you feel during and after running.
We now know that intermittent attacks of achiness that can keep kids off the sports field and awake at night don't get triggered by growing bones and tissue rubbing together like tectonic plates before an earthquake -- although that's what it can feel like to your sons.
They were directed to watch out for people with fever, headache, achiness, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, rash or red eyes.