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22) This makes sense since gastric ulcer patients may have hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria whereas duodenal ulcer patients are more likely to be hyperchlorhydric.
pylori might be able to cause iron deficiency by several mechanisms such as increased loss of iron due to active haemorrhage secondary to gastritis, peptic ulcer or gastric cancer; chronic pangastritis resulting in achlorhydria and reduced iron absorption; reduced ascorbic acid or iron utilisation by H.
Other common underlying conditions are atherosclerosis, diabetes, collagen diseases, liver cirrhosis, and achlorhydria.
The anemia may be attributable to decreased iron absorption secondary to hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria, blood loss, or vitamin [B.
75 mcg/kg/day) in the presence of achlorhydria and decreased gastric motility associated with gastroparesis excluding other factors that could potentially result in malabsorption.
Watery diarrhea, hypokalemia and achlorhydria syndrome is a rare cause of chronic secretory diarrhea arising from a vasoactive intestinal peptide releasing tumor.
Heath and Patek observed that among patients with iron-deficiency anemia, the rate of the hemoglobin response to iron therapy was lower in those who had achlorhydria than in those without (8).
It is produced by bacteria over-growth, which is favored by frequent achlorhydria in the elderly, decreased intestinal motility, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and intake of antacids, which cause diminished capacity to liberate vitamin B12 bonded to foods or proteins.
behavioral Deficiency disorders during pregnancy is linked to neural tube defects B12 (cobalamin): Methylation cycle (cofactor methionine synthase) 10% to 15% of < 3% to 9% Depression, Vegetarian or older adults irritability, vegan diet anemia, achlorhydria, fatigue, older adults.
The predisposing factors for ingestion and subsequent impaction are dentures causing defective tactile sensation of the palate, sensory defects due to cerebro-vascular accident, previous gastric surgery facilitating the passage of foreign bodies, achlorhydria where the foreign body passes unaltered from the stomach, previous bowel surgery causing stenosis and adhesions and diverticula predisposing to impaction.
H pylori impairs the normal secretion of hydrochloric acid, provoking achlorhydria in infected patients3.