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Adj.1.aciduric - especially of some bacteriaaciduric - especially of some bacteria; growing well in an acid medium
acid-loving - thriving in a relatively acidic environment (especially of plants requiring a pH well below 7)
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White spot lesions represent areas of demineral- ized dental enamel and it is usually due to pro- longed plaque accumulation and colonization of aciduric bacteria.
Bacterial strains Bacteria Features Source Streptococcus Gram-positive coccus, Biomedical Research Center mutans facultative aerobe, Universidad Autonoma de UA159 acidophilus, aciduric, Chile.
Reversals of primary root caries lesions by remineralizing plus reduction in acidogenic and aciduric micro-organisms.
mutans in caries initiation is due to its acidogenic and aciduric potential (7, 8).
L: Study of Acidogenie and Aciduric micro organisms in orthodontic and non-orthodontic patients.
mutans serotypes are both acidogenic and aciduric and are strongly stimulated by sucrose (Roberson, T.
Aciduric bacteria such as the mutans streptococci can carry out glycolysis at low pH values within the biofilm's matrix even though glycolytic enzymes are not acid tolerant, because the bacteria maintains pH across the cell membrane with the interior more alkaline than the exterior.