acoustic power

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Noun1.acoustic power - the physical intensity of soundacoustic power - the physical intensity of sound  
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"
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For operating in air, transducers for distance measurement were found to provide good acoustic power, consistent resonant frequency, and are available at a low-price.
The safety valve noise can be predicted by Lighthill's theory of calculating the acoustic power of steam discharge.
If the acoustic power is more than the predetermined threshold, then the input is detected as an event.
The method can be applied to obtain an approximation of the contribution from rigid boundaries of the solid body to the total acoustic power.
The wave then carries that acoustic power elsewhere, where it can force the oscillation of a piston, generate electricity, or be put to other beneficial use.
For optimal operator comfort, the Liebherr R 936 has a spacious, ergonomically-designed cab including a pneumatic seat with horizontal and vertical damping, optimal visibility from the operators platform thanks to the very large glazed surface area and minimal area of uprights, ergonomic proportional manipulators for sensitive, accurate and fluid operation of hydraulic tools and minimised acoustic power inside the cab to diminish fatigue at work and increase productivity.
Since the aim is to maximize the acoustic power, x is chosen so that <[P.
It was rare that range of frequency and acoustic power produced by the larynx were not immediately related to range of frequency and power received by the auditory system.
For that purpose an optimization analysis was conducted by using a limited number of experimental data as well as modelling the acoustic power and directivity for some noise sources.
ACOUSTIC power pop will take over a corner of Huddersfield at a new record label launch.
There is no coupling between the source and the system, and the in-duct source acoustic power equals its free field value.
Consisting of a textile shrouding for hydraulic unit bell housings, the patented NRS system can reduce the total acoustic power output by up to 50%.

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