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A specialist in acoustics.


(General Physics) an expert in acoustics


(ˌæk ʊˈstɪʃ ən)

an acoustic engineer.
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Noun1.acoustician - a physicist who specializes in acoustics
physicist - a scientist trained in physics
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Trevor Cox is also an acoustician, with a similar passion.
Before the renovation, acoustician Mark Holden said he would rank the sound quality around a B: "not terrible.
Singapore, Mar 24, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - Clarity Group announces a new collaboration with Acoustician Anthony Grimani and inventor of the revolutionary Surround EX 6.
They recorded 626 hours of songs, with 26,545 calls of Antarctic blue whale analysed in real time, said lead acoustician Brian Miller.
MiGuide helps the hearing aid acoustician find the settings most suitable for the individual wearer.
We call it the Cretaceous acoustic effect, because ocean acidification forced by global warming appears to be leading us back to the similar ocean acoustic conditions as those that existed 110 million years ago, during the Age of Dinosaurs," explained Rhode Island acoustician David G.
In a day in which live opera has to compete for visceral impact with the enhanced powers of recorded opera, Moshe Safdie together with acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota have given Kansas City one of North America's finest homes for Puccini, Verdi and their fellow peddlars of irrationality set to music.
Finland's new home for music opens with help from Japanese acoustician
Faraday waves haven't really been seen in nature before," says acoustician John Allen of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who was not part of the research team.
We know the ocean is getting louder," says Mark McDonald, an ocean acoustician in Bellvue, Colo.
Reducing music to yet more elemental science was the pioneering Narcissus Marsh upon whom Andrew Robinson"s fascinating essay throws light as a acoustician whose imagination envisaged not only amplification, but also the idea of recorded sound two centuries before its time.
Gillis is a physicist and acoustician in the Fluid Metrology Group in the Process Measurements Division of the NIST Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory.