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A specialist in acoustics.


(General Physics) an expert in acoustics


(ˌæk ʊˈstɪʃ ən)

an acoustic engineer.
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Noun1.acoustician - a physicist who specializes in acoustics
physicist - a scientist trained in physics
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It was a fitting testimonial to Russell Johnson, the brilliant acoustician who designed the hall, and who died last week.
The company, run by the wife of Bob Essert, the acclaimed acoustician for the Four Seasons Centre, provides consulting services for theatre projects around the world, from Dubai to St.
Complete mission of project author (architect, stability engineer, special techniques engineer, peb advisor, acoustician, health safety coordinator and landscape architect) to realize a real estate project on the site rue des monnaies 137-139 in saint -gilles.
With no additional hardware or software needed, the DMPS setup tool (included in Crestron Toolbox) makes it easy to deliver a premium-quality echo-free audio system in every room without having to be an acoustician.
One of the reasons why Wagner's Ring enjoyed such a success in the Four Seasons Centre was that Diamond and his acoustician, Bob Essert, had made it possible for the audience to be drawn into the vortex of this most potentially overwhelming of operatic experiences.
While the rating might be written as a decimal number, an acoustician would most likely talk about it as a whole number.
Acoustician Carl Yanchar collaborated with studio owner David Levy on the design of this multipurpose studio built in a 1950s ranch on a two-acre estate above Malibu's Billionaire's Beach.
I could write a book about the countless instances of metro-centricity I've encountered, but perhaps my favourite example is a chance encounter with Russell Johnson, the New York-based acoustician of Symphony Hall, when the hall was still a building site.
As a student, he wrote a thesis on concert halls and acoustics, and he later came under the mentoring influence of Hope Bagenal, a leading British architect and acoustician of his day.
Apart from that memorable Sibelius weekend, Birmingham and Lahti are also linked by the fact that each city has a concert hall designed by American acoustician Russell Johnson.

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