acquired character

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acquired character

A change of function or structure in an organism made in response to the environment. Also called acquired characteristic.

acquired′ char′acter

a noninheritable trait that results from certain environmental influences.
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If it could be shown that our domestic varieties manifested a strong tendency to reversion,--that is, to lose their acquired characters, whilst kept under unchanged conditions, and whilst kept in a considerable body, so that free intercrossing might check, by blending together, any slight deviations of structure, in such case, I grant that we could deduce nothing from domestic varieties in regard to species.
When I think about how important these skills are for my students, I feel, in the end, that maybe I'm not such a bad person and shouldn't be all that ashamed of my newly acquired character flaws.
Thus, the crossveinless trait, which was originally an acquired character, had undergone almost complete "genetic assimilation" by selection to become an inherited character that developed in normal environments (without heat shocks).

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