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The volume of water, 43,560 cubic feet, that will cover an area of one acre to a depth of one foot.


n, pl -feet
(Units) the volume of water that would cover an area of 1 acre to a depth of 1 foot: equivalent to 43 560 cubic feet or 1233.5 cubic metres


a unit of volume of water in irrigation: the amount covering one acre to a depth of one foot, equal to 43,560 cubic feet (1233 cubic meters).
[1900–05, Amer.]
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Noun1.acre-foot - the volume of water that would cover 1 acre to a depth of 1 footacre-foot - the volume of water that would cover 1 acre to a depth of 1 foot; 43,560 cubic feet or 1233.5 cubic meters
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Metropolitan also would contribute $20 for every acre-foot of special surplus water made available to the district to help fund the Salton Sea restoration effort.
A 21,600-home mini-city planned west of Santa Clarita, Newhall Ranch relies on a portion of a 41,000 acre-foot water transfer from Kern County obtained by the Castaic Lake Water Agency as part of the Monterey Agreement.
The recent decision, issued after thorough consideration of two weeks of testimony and evidence, finds that the federal government took more than 300,000 acre-feet of SWP water (an acre-foot covers a football field with water to a depth of 1 foot).
We can produce local groundwater and treat it for less than $300 an acre-foot if we have somewhere to dispose of the salts,'' Hajas said.
One acre-foot of water is 325,900 gallons, or enough to sustain two families for a year.
Substantial financial flexibility remains, however, both in the ability to raise water rates (water rates are expected to rise from $150 per acre-foot to $213 by fiscal 2010) and via the district's property tax levy, which remains well below its levy cap.
An acre-foot - about 325,851 gallons - is enough for a typical Antelope Valley home for a year.
CLWA last week raised rates for state-imported water to the retailers from $145 per acre-foot to $181 per acre-foot, effective Jan.
As a result, officials said, the DWP will have to purchase the lost water from the Metropolitan Water District, which charges about $235 an acre-foot.
One acre-foot is the amount of water required to cover one acre of land one foot deep - or 325,851 gallons.
The 500,000 acre-foot planning buffer is split equally between local and imported sources.
An acre-foot is about 326,000 gallons of water and is enough to serve the needs of two families for one year.