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1. Unpleasantly sharp, pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell. See Synonyms at bitter.
2. Caustic in language or tone: an acrid political campaign.

[From Latin ācer, sharp (probably modeled on acid); see ak- in Indo-European roots.]

a·crid′i·ty (ə-krĭd′ĭ-tē), ac′rid·ness n.
ac′rid·ly adv.
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Noun1.acridity - having an acrid smellacridity - having an acrid smell    
odour, olfactory perception, olfactory sensation, smell, odor - the sensation that results when olfactory receptors in the nose are stimulated by particular chemicals in gaseous form; "she loved the smell of roses"
2.acridity - extreme bitternessacridity - extreme bitterness; "the acridity of alkali"
bitter, bitterness - the property of having a harsh unpleasant taste
3.acridity - the quality of being sharply disagreeable in language or toneacridity - the quality of being sharply disagreeable in language or tone
disagreeableness - the quality of being disagreeable and unpleasant


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As the co-director and title character of Worcester Shakespeare Company's production of "Hamlet," he's taken a fascinating detour from the usual portrait of fulsome acridity and tormented remorse in favor of a more cerebrally nuanced and emotionally disciplined interpretation of Shakespeare's most famous creation.
Enomfon JA and IB Umoh Effect of heat and tetracycline treatments on the food quality and acridity factors in cocoyam.
for I must know the source of this acrimonious acridity.