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1. One who is skilled in feats of balance and agility in gymnastics.
2. One who changes one's viewpoint on short notice in response to the circumstances.

[French acrobate, from Greek akrobatēs : akros, high; see acro- + bainein, bat-, to walk; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

ac′ro·bat′ic adj.
ac′ro·bat′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌæk rəˈbæt ɪk)

pertaining to or like an acrobat or acrobatics.
[1860–65; < Greek]
ac`ro•bat′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.acrobatic - vigorously activeacrobatic - vigorously active; "an acrobatic dance"; "an athletic child"; "athletic playing"; "gymnastic exercises"
active - characterized by energetic activity; "an active toddler"; "active as a gazelle"; "an active man is a man of action"
fimur, fimleika-


[ˌækrəʊˈbætɪk] ADJacrobático


[ˌækrəˈbætɪk] adjacrobatique




[ˌækrəʊˈbætɪk] adjacrobatico/a


(ˈӕkrəbӕt) noun
a person in a circus etc who performs gymnastics.
ˌacroˈbatic adjective
ˌacroˈbatics noun plural
acrobatic performances.
References in classic literature ?
The performance was much like all acrobatic displays; but it must be confessed that the Japanese are the first equilibrists in the world.
From the topmost peak of reason James teaches to cease reasoning and to have faith that all is well and will be well--the old, oh, ancient old, acrobatic flip of the metaphysicians whereby they reasoned reason quite away in order to escape the pessimism consequent upon the grim and honest exercise of reason.
All about me giant grasshoppers, twice as big as any I had ever seen, were doing acrobatic feats among the dried vines.
Good my lord, in acrobatic feats, in practice with the dumb-bells, in balancing and ground and lofty tumbling are we versed--and sith your highness asketh me, I venture here to publish that in the truly marvelous and entertaining Zampillaerostation--"
Bill came to life with an almost acrobatic abruptness.
Our young friend," said Challenger, bunching up the red apples of his cheeks, "is capable of acrobatic exertions which would be impossible to a man of a more solid, though possibly of a more commanding, appearance.
The Deerness acrobatic squad which performed well against the country's finest at the British Championships in Stoke
Approximately 300 people enjoyed two free screenings of Korean films at the City Cinema MGM on Sunday and Monday evening, while several hundred of them gathered in the evening at the Intercontinental Hotel gardens to mark the Korean National Day celebrations on Tuesday, an event that featured Korean dishes made on site and a music, dance and acrobatic performance.
THE 2013 Acrobatic Celtic Cup is taking place on April 6 at Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff.
MORE than 30 acrobatic performers will bring ShangHi by Cirque du Ciel to the West Yorkshire stage.
A nearby Dart train slowed down to take in the mesmerising acrobatic show while one woman braved the chilly Irish Sea to swim close to the marine mammals.
Summary: DUBAI - With sound tracks and stunning lights in the back ground, eight little Chinese girls mesmerise and capture the hearts of thousands in Dubai as they juggle traditional Chinese drums with their feet and sway themselves in cascading stunts and acrobatic acts with glass cups at Global Village.