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Florets isomorphic, bisexual, corolla actinomorphic, tubular-campanulate, deeply five-lobed, lobes coiled; anthers exserted, apical appendages short-acuminate, tails smooth, free to often connate with the tails of adjacent stamens; style bilobed, dorsally papillose much below the bifurcation point.
Flowers showy to inconspicuous, perfect to imperfect, usually 4- or 5-merous, actinomorphic to zygomorphic.
Zygomorphic (bilaterally symmetrical) flowers are believed to be more specialized and advanced compared with actinomorphic (radially symmetrical) flowers (Carlquist, 1969; Stebbins, 1992).
Flowers perfect, rarely functionally dioecious, actinomorphic, very rarely slightly zygomorphic, almost always 5-merous except for gynoecium of two carpels (rarely more).
Flowers usually regular, showy and sympetalous; actinomorphic, rarely slightly zygomorphic; bisexual, rarely unisexual.
Flowers are hermaphrodite, gamosepalous with well-developed segments, almost actinomorphic and bell shaped (Chauhan et al.
The test involves observing characteristic actinomorphic changes in fibroblasts in tissue culture and is extremely sensitive.
brachycaulos Purple, actinomorphic Exerted from corolla tube T.
The flowers appear to fit a generalist insect pollination syndrome as they are small and actinomorphic with white to yellowish or greenish petals, presented in dense clusters of racemose cymes (Fig.
Each flower is characterized by an actinomorphic, pentamerous perianth composed of a whorl of sepals and a whorl of petals, a haplostemonous androecium with antesepalous stamens, and a bicarpellate gynoecium; the styles of the flowers are fused to free, and the single stigma is capitate.
flowers of Lamiaceae or Fabaceae actinomorphic descriptive term for flower symmetry, means radially symmetrical, e.