radial symmetry

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radial symmetry

Symmetrical arrangement of constituents, especially of radiating parts, about a central point.

radially symmetrical adj.

radial symmetry

(Biology) a type of structure of an organism or part of an organism in which a vertical cut through the axis in any of two or more planes produces two halves that are mirror images of each other. Compare bilateral symmetry

ra′dial sym′metry

a basic body plan in which the organism can be divided into similar halves by passing a plane at any angle along a central axis. Compare bilateral symmetry.

ra·di·al symmetry

The arrangement of similar forms or features around a central point. The bodies of echinoderms, such as starfish and sea urchins, are radially symmetrical. Compare bilateral symmetry.
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Noun1.radial symmetry - the property of symmetry about an axis; "the starfish illustrates radial symmetry"
symmetricalness, symmetry, correspondence, balance - (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane
radial asymmetry - the absence of symmetry about an axis