active agent

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chemical agent - an agent that produces chemical reactions
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About twenty-seven years of age, and spoiled, like others, by success, Martin Falleix had had the luck to become the active agent of Monsieur Saillard, the sleeping-partner in the working out of a discovery made by Falleix in smelting (patent of invention and gold medal granted at the exposition of 1825).
Villefort dictated a petition, in which, from an excellent intention, no doubt, Dantes' patriotic services were exaggerated, and he was made out one of the most active agents of Napoleon's return.
9) A pharmaceutical active agent of tuberculosis bedakviliin, 100 mg, in a total amount of 560 grams
5; water conditioning agent; an active agent consisting essentially of a branched fatty acid; a solidification agent consisting of alkali metal carbonate and alkali metal bicarbonate; and water, The solid detergent composition is substantially free of chlorine.
The firm, based in Newcastle, was named the most active agent of 2014 in the office sector and the region's second most active agent in the industrial sector in the contest, which is based on transaction volumes across all commercial property sectors, run by online property magazine EGi.
Leamington-based ehB Commercial, an independent firm of chartered surveyors and commercial property consultants, was awarded 'Most Active Agent of the Year' by Estates Gazette.
Leamington-based property experts ehB Commercial has just been named as the most active agent in the county by a leading industry publication - Estates Gazette.
The active agent is released from the controlled release delivery systems by diffusion, biodegradation, swelling or osmotic pressure.
is now offering customized PolySept masterbatches, which typically contain 10% to 50% active agent in PE, PP, PS, ABS, nylon, PBT, or PC.
A comparison will be made against a placebo cream (cream without the active agent ATL1101), and also against some reference cream products that are currently marketed as prescription medications for the treatment of psoriasis.
It entails mixing a particulate pigment with water to form a slurry of the pigment and water; mixing a surface active agent with the slurry of the first step so that the pigment is coated.
Hence the Commission decision that it is no longer possible to add the active agent to Annex I of the Directive I question.