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n.1.A medicine or drug; also, a poison.
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Fungicide active ingredients are projected to show growth of 1.
Moreover, because of its extensive experience regarding the extraction of polyphenols, Berkem developed Powergrape to have specific and unique concentrations of various classes of polyphenols, guaranteeing a unique and active ingredient profile.
Registrants are generally required to conduct acute toxicity tests on formulated products, but they traditionally conduct chronic toxicity tests on the active ingredient alone.
And utilizing the lowest effective active ingredient allows us to get superior control of unwanted or dangerous vegetation while leaving less of a "footprint" on the environment.
Nordmark's focus is on production of biological active ingredients and pharmaceutical drugs, which are sold worldwide.
This includes patented formulations based on DBDCB and other active ingredients for in-can preservation.
THC: tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active ingredient in marijuana
For the most part, with [herbal] supplements, we still don't know what all the active ingredients are," so nobody knows the ideal formulation of most supplements, observes Bill J.
Hungerford offered a caveat to these findings: The chondroitin and glucosamine products used in clinical studies contain optimum amounts of active ingredients.
The present tender (EU-wide open procedure) is the completion of active ingredient or combination of active substances related gem agreements.
The new product uses potassium salt to increase the concentration of an active ingredient, glyphosate acid.
Indeed, scientific problems do exist in the registration of pesticides today, when chronic toxicity tests are conducted with the active ingredient alone--which is generally the case.