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Of or relating to a liquid-crystal display that uses individual transistors to control the charges on each cell in the liquid-crystal layer.


(Computer Science) (in laptop and notebook computers) of or relating to a liquid crystal display in which each pixel is individually controlled to provide a sharp image at a wide viewing angle


of or pertaining to a high-resolution liquid-crystal display (LCD) with high contrast, used esp. for laptop computers. Compare passive-matrix .
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sports a miniature QWERTY keyboard, and has a high resolution TFT active-matrix display.
E Ink Corporation, Cambridge, MA, announced its demonstration of the world's thinnest active-matrix displays.
Like LCDs, OLEDs fall into two broad categories, passive-matrix and active-matrix displays.
Screens: There generally are two types of laptop screens: The less expensive and less attractive is a passive-matrix, dual-scan screen; the more expensive and higher quality one is an active-matrix screen, which produces more accurate colors, greater contrast and wider viewing angles.
The new line of TFT active-matrix LCD displays includes the 22-inch Envision G22LWk and 19-inch Envision G19LWk.
Available in active-matrix and dual-scan LCD displays, the WideNote uses the same viewing ratio used in movie screens, allowing users to simultaneously view two Web pages.
Department of Navy with a prototype communications device based on a full-color, active-matrix OLED prototype built on metallic foil.
Under the terms of the contract, Universal Display will develop and demonstrate an active-matrix, flexible PHOLED display containing infrared (IR)-emitting PHOLED pixels in addition to visible spectrum PHOLED pixels.
The display consists of a flexible, high resolution, printed active-matrix backplane driving an electronic paper frontplane from US-based E Ink Corporation.
11a/b/g connectivity and a 15-inch UXGA (1600x1200 pixel) TFT active-matrix color display mounted in a shock-and-vibration hardened encasement.
Integrated with a poly-silicon, thin-film transistor (p-Si TFT) backplane and thin-film encapsulation technologies, this active-matrix FOLED display will be designed to offer high information content and video-rate performance in a quarter video graphics array (QVGA) format.
Flexible metallic substrates offer excellent barrier properties, thermal and dimensional stability over a broad temperature range, cost-effectiveness and potential near-term integration with backplane technology for active-matrix displays for applications such as rollable, retractable and rugged displays.