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The use of direct, often confrontational action, such as a demonstration or strike, in opposition to or support of a cause.

ac·tiv·ist′ic adj.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to activism
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Adj.1.activistic - advocating or engaged in activismactivistic - advocating or engaged in activism  
active - disposed to take action or effectuate change; "a director who takes an active interest in corporate operations"; "an active antagonism"; "he was active in drawing attention to their grievances"
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As these lyrics suggest, the heritage of the Jewish labor movement can be seen in today's Yiddishland not only in progressive politics and the activistic belief that music might help make the world a better place, but also in the importance placed on fostering shared community and group identity.
Connection is the objective of action, unless it turns activistic or anxious, becoming its own false promise.
Her model indicates that transformational coping, positive health behaviors, and activistic social support may be qualitative indicators of hardiness, and their presence represents an expression of hardiness as its three inherent synergistic components: control, commitment, and challenge.
who are activistic and labor over worldly matters, but only to achieve an adverse end.