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v. ac·tu·al·ized, ac·tu·al·iz·ing, ac·tu·al·iz·es
1. To realize in action or make real: "More flexible life patterns could ... nurture and renew our spirits through opportunities to actualize personal dreams" (Fred Best).
2. To describe or portray realistically.
To become actual.

ac′tu·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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She approaches ubuntu ("a person is a person through other persons") as a moral maxim that is actualized in relationships, a historical process that leads to community transformation.
The partnership program is already actualized and My Buying Buddy has already garnered a number of inquiries about its partnership program all over the nation.
The gene code for the new blood crystals is now inherent in all races on the planet, but it has not yet become actualized in most people.
Five concierge-level rooms for every 40 rooms actualized.
The problem with the asylum seekers and others who are abusing the visa liberalization, has once again been actualized ahead of the coming Progress Report on Macedonia.
One month ahead of elections, the name is-sue is actualized again.
The stone's potency to move is actualized by the stick, whose potency to move is actualized by the hand, whose potency to move is in turn actualized by the firing of certain motor neurons, and so forth.
Maslow called it self-actualization, of course, yet paradoxically, he began to recognize that peak experiences often led the self-actualizing individual to transcend the personal concerns of the very self that was being actualized.
Where: ATV--represents actualized total gross value
Ibn Sina's concept of soul rests on his dualist account in which souls can achieve different grades depending on the degree to which its potential has been actualized.
The Spiritual Practices Of The Ninja: Mastering The Four Gates Of Freedom by therapist and workshop leader Ross Heaven leads the reader on a journey to the spiritual philosophy of the Ninja, and its core tenet that there is no higher power than the actualized human being.
Focusing on the prevailing colonial institution of domestic work, she demonstrates the overlapping complexities of actualized human rights, and the daily contradictions between the public level of change and the inequalities embedded in everyday social relations.