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All cusps and cusplets are acuminate, inclined lingually and incurved.
Leaves alternate, spiral or distichous; petiolate or subsessile, presence of pulvinus; extrafloral nectaries absent or present, convex, sessile or stipitate, located between the pairs of leaflets or on the petiole; leaflets 1-many pairs, papyraceous to coriaceous, elliptic to oblong, lanceolate to obovate, venation brochidodromous, craspedodromous or eucamptodromous, apex acuminate, rounded to mucronate, base oblique.
Leaves with petiole, 4-7(-9) cm long, sheathing the young shoots, petiolar margins membranaceous, translucid, extending through 2/3 of the petiole, glabrous or minutely pubescent, with lustrose appearance; leaf blades (13-)15-27(-45) cm long, 12-21(-26) cm wide, dimorphic through the sympodial axis, monopodial leaves ovate or widely ovate, cordate and slightly auriculate at the base, with the lobes almost symmetrical; sympodial leaves elliptic-ovate, cordate to deeply auriculate at the base, with the lobes asymmetrical, the bigger lobe half or completely overlapping the petiole; obtuse to shortly acuminate at the apex, ciliate at the margin, minutely pubescent in both surfaces; pinnately nerved, veins 4-8, inconspicuously punctate pellucid; membranaceous, with a matt appearance.
They have a cover of sub-spherical knobs on the dorsal surface of the prozonites and a toothed limbus constituted of a series of lobes which may or may not be acuminate (Akkari & Enghoff 2011).
The US FDA and ANMAT also approved the product for the treatment of refractory and recurring external condylomata acuminate.
30 teeth per side in the proximal leaves, and 7-12 teeth per side in the distal leaves, teeth in two size classes, the short ones interspersed with the long ones, obtuse, apex acute to shortly acuminate and often ending in a callose tooth, adaxial surface dark green, glabrous, abaxial surface green suffused with purple, glabrous, venation brochidodromous, prominent on the abaxial surface, (7-)9-11(-14) pairs of secondary veins in the proximal leaves and 5-10 pairs in the distal leaves, irregularly interspaced, higher order venation conspicuous, reticulate, submarginal vein present but interrupted.
lachataoensis Garcia Aldrete & Casasola (2012), in that the distal processes of the male hypandrium are much more slender posteriorly, each process bearing a sclerotized, small acuminate projection proximally on inner side, and in having a transverse, strongly sclerotized area at the bottom of the median concavity.
1 Non-herpetic ulcer 02 01 2 Uretharal Discharge 08 07 3 Inguinal bubo 01 00 4 Condyloma acuminate / genital warts 05 02 5 Herpes genitalis 08 06 6 Molluscum contagiosum 06 05 Total no.
9 per cent over the past four years, with the diseases ranging from Viral and Bacterial STIs, HIV, molluscum contagiosum, Cyanea acuminate, herpes genitalis to secondary syphilis.
He developed numerous, small, skin-coloured, acuminate papules inthe area of the dark blue dye on the right arm after six months following the tattooing (Figure-1).
Spikelets with unequal and acuminate glumes; lower glume 2-2.
spurcus congoensis Poisson -- Labrum triangular or acuminate, slightly shorter than wide at base; reaching distal segment of labium.