ad astra per aspera

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ad a•stra per a•spe•ra

(ɑd ˈɑ strɑ pɛr ˈɑ spɛˌrɑ; Eng., æd ˈæs trə pər ˈæs pər ə)
to the stars through difficulties.
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But, the most outstanding feature first noticeable is the brightly gleaming copper dome topped with Ad Astra Per Aspera (Latin for "To the Stars Through Difficulties"), a sculpture of a Kansa Indian warrior poised to shoot an arrow to the North Star.
The other three Brilliant commissions are: Ad Astra Per Aspera (through hardship to the stars) made by artists Verity Quinn and Bethan Maddocks, inspired by miners' banners; Global Curiosity Shop, Paul Goodfellow's work using 3D technology; and Rainbow, an installation on Prebends Bridge by Newcastle design studio Deadgood.
Dole turned adversity to advantage and pain to public service,'' he said, ``embodying the motto of the state that he loved and went on to serve so well: Ad astra per aspera - to the stars through difficulties.