ad feminam

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ad fem·i·nam

 (ăd fĕm′ĭ-năm′, -nəm)
Appealing to irrelevant personal considerations concerning women, especially prejudices against them. See Usage Note at ad hominem.

[Latin ad, to + fēminam, accusative of fēmina, woman.]

ad fem′i·nam′ adv.
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In 1998, Crittenden subjected the pro--working mother book, A Mother's Place, by journalist Susan Chira, to a startingly ad feminam thrashing in National Review.
Though the novel was a massive commercial success, it was ravaged by most critics, whose ad feminam diatribes against Jong and her novel's apparent feminism probably revealed more about the critics than about the text.
1) Then Smith, as if challenging Antin's ad feminam attempt to contain the issue, drove home precisely the same point in an equally unimpressed review of the Guggenheim retrospective, also for the New York Times.
By combining a harsh, ad feminam reading of women's movement proclamations about families and mothering with a powerful brief for social policies that recognized the needs of women in the labor force, she made many wonder if indeed the movement had lost sight of a group she named as its core constituency.