ad hocism

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ad hoc·ism

also ad-hoc·ism  (ăd hŏk′ĭz-əm, hō′kĭz-)
The tendency to establish temporary, chiefly improvisational policies and procedures to deal with specific problems.
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action, explained The New York Times in a recent leak calculated to counteract the impression of a foreign policy of clueless ad hocism, is a major strategic idea: Containment.
Some reforms would have to been introduced in the tax recovery system, he said and added , instead of ad hocism a permanent solution of the issue will have to be evolved.
The basic questions pertaining to the state's nature, duties and objectives have been deliberately ignored or relegated to expediency and ad hocism, creating an unnatural and unsustainable political structure to benefit a minority of interests comprising social oligarchs and state operators.
With at least three distinct decade-long periods of military rule, Generals Ayub-Yahya, Zia and Musharraf in particular helped create and consolidate the rot by institutionalising ad hocism and skewering the natural progression of career bureaucracy.
The IMF is being buffeted as well by growing criticism that its "sound" crisis policies have had a low success rate and that the substance of what it dubs "sound" has evaporated in a fog of ad hocism.
As events undermined its sanctimonious hollowness, with more and more division across Britain behind the reconciliatory smiles, these same spinners jettisoned "TTW" as a clear populist liability, believing, with eyes on other ships afloat and blinded by a public contempt that ordinary ad hocism will carry them safely to the bank until time to jump, as the band plays on.
The adverse impact is mostly home grown due to mismanagement, corruption, the tendency to postpone difficult decision, maintaining status quo and dependence on ad hocism which has caused more damage rather than to contain it.
He lamented that the policy of ad hocism adopted by governments over the years presently pushed the country and its inhabitants to a corner where abundance of resources could not be translated into source of progress and development.
The adverse impact is mostly home grown due to mismanagements corruption dependence on ad hocism and living beyond its means.
Ad hocism and political expediencies was the corner stone of their policies.
120 million, has run into trouble even before its going into production apparently because of ad hocism in the government's fiscal policies.
Key factors responsible for slow economic progress are: (1) Upperhand of Feudal System, (2) Lack of self-discipline due to low literary rate, (3) Lack of patriotism and national spirit, and self-centered and selfish attitude, (4) Absence of competent leadership, (5) Alarming level of corruption, (6) Unfriendly relation with India resulting in high cost of defence, (7) Political instability, (8) Ad hocism, short-cut mania and inconsistent policy, (9) Undesired growth of population, (10) Law and order situation, (11) Almost non-existence of Data Bank, (12) Less research work on over-all productivity, (13) Due importance not being given to the crucial role that is to be played by the Management Accountants, and (14) Lack of accountability.