ad verbum

ad ver·bum

 (ăd vûr′bəm)
Word for word; verbatim.

[Latin : ad, in accordance with + verbum, word.]
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Christopher Page finds neither of these pretenses satisfactory and goes further: on page 17 he states that "the view developed in this book is that spoken performances and sting performances had their own distinct traditions"; in other words, the accentual system of conductus poetry was mauled in one way ad verbum, in another ad cantum.
sicl vel quamvis pro dispositione paternal nec quibuscumque privilegiis etiam apostolicis iuribus ac dicti Comunis statutis pro iuramento in allatis consuetudinibus ordinationibus, et aliis quibuscumque in contrarium facientibus, etiam si de eis de verbo ad verbum facienda esset mentio specialis, quibus omnibus, etsi (?