ad hocism

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ad hoc·ism

also ad-hoc·ism  (ăd hŏk′ĭz-əm, hō′kĭz-)
The tendency to establish temporary, chiefly improvisational policies and procedures to deal with specific problems.
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Our governments prefer symptomatic treatment and we run our day-to-day policy on the basis of ad-hocism.
The appointed chairmen of CDA for the past seven years have been commanding the national institution with ad-hocism, due to which no new mega project or residential sector was instigated.
It is basically a long-term or a scheduled commitment from either party to avoid pitfalls of ad-hocism and also to provide predictability in budgeting exercise," says Padma Balaji, Manager of Contracts, Enterprise Infrastructure, Emitac.
He deplored that ad-hocism, in the education department during the last 6 decades has further worsened the literacy rate in the already deprived province of Balochistan.
He said medical education had never been a priority of the government, which has been promoting ad-hocism for many years.
The prime minister arrived here on a three-day visit, his sixth trip to Russia since 2004, that will also see the inking of three agreements in the field of defence, including one for ending ad-hocism in servicing Russian military equipment.
While he is solid in describing the confusion and ad-hocism of U.
The major failures and shortcomings, characterizing the development and operation of the energy sector, pointed out in the new policy, include: lack of strategic forward planning, and a management approach based on ad-hocism and maintenance of status quo; hurdles in development of indigenous energy resources such as hydro, coal, gas and oil; inability to arrest the high growth rate of demand for energy in non-productive sectors; poor performance of power and gas utilities vis-a-vis quality and reliability of supply, shortages, losses, pilferage, project implementation delays, low plant availability, revenue leaks, corruption and bureaucratic red-tapism.
He said that in other provinces instead of transparency ad-hocism is still reigning.
He said that every department is running on ad-hocism.
The government should end the existing ad-hocism in allowing pension/retirement benefits and accept the principle of One Scale One Pension to provide for an automatic adjustment of pension/retirement benefits whenever pay scales/service benefits are revised; The Foundation expresses its serious concern at the discrimination against pensioners.