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1. Relating to or exhibiting adaptation.
2. Readily capable of adapting or of being adapted: an adaptive worker; adaptive clothing for children with special needs.

a·dap′tive·ly adv.
a·dap′tive·ness, ad′ap·tiv′i·ty (ăd′ăp-tĭv′ĭ-tē) n.


in an adaptive manner
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The technology that drives the product adaptively integrates intelligence, scenarios, and risks from hundreds of dimensions to monitor each client and each group of related clients, and automatically detects fraudulent activities of all transactions across all product lines at all times with a high degree of accuracy and resolution.
Ellis contends that children adaptively adjust their sexual development in response to the conditions in which they live.
The third section presents high-performance algorithms for mining rooted trees adaptively from data streams that change over time.
Helping the patient learn to use dissociation adaptively, and repairing the splits in sell-integration caused by chronic overuse of dissociation, are also part of any trauma-focused work.
Its mission is to restore, preserve and adaptively reuse the Gough Estate.
Borisov is doing well, he's developing adaptively and I think that his potential for a full term in office is quite serious," said Siderov in an interview for Bulgarian Nova TV Sunday.
The former industrial building will be adaptively reused as a 30,000 Bistro and retail shop.
A sensor unit continually measures the pressure on the cylinder, and the control unit accordingly adjusts the suspension of the chassis adaptively.
The application protects the company's adaptively evolved yeast strains that naturally reduce acrylamide by up to 95% in a variety of foods.
The ARC program will enable US airborne EW systems to detect and adaptively counter radar systems whose waveforms and behaviors are new, unknown or ambiguous.
PerformanScore adaptively measures use of skills across a range of credible responses to cybersecurity threats, often based on actual incidents.
Unique examples of this integration include 130 West 12th Street, an adaptively reused, classic pre-war 42-unit condominium which was renovated in 2011-2012 to LEED Gold standard and, in eight months, was 100 percent sold, and is the winner of the Global Green's 13th Annual Sustainable Green Building Design Award;