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A grayish-white antelope (Addax nasomaculatus) of northern Africa having long, spirally twisted horns.

[Latin, of African origin.]


(Animals) a large light-coloured antelope, Addax nasomaculatus, having ribbed loosely spiralled horns and inhabiting desert regions in N Africa: family Bovidae, order Artiodactyla
[C17: Latin, from an unidentified ancient N African language]


(ˈæd æks)

a large, pale-colored antelope, Addax nasomaculatus, of N Africa, with loosely spiraled horns.
[1685–95; < Latin]
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Noun1.addax - large antelope with lightly spiraled horns of desert regions of northern Africaaddax - large antelope with lightly spiraled horns of desert regions of northern Africa
antelope - graceful Old World ruminant with long legs and horns directed upward and backward; includes gazelles; springboks; impalas; addax; gerenuks; blackbucks; dik-diks
genus Addax - genus of antelopes of northern African deserts
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