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ad·den·dum  (-dndm)
n. pl. ad·den·da (-d)
Something added or to be added, especially a supplement to a book.

[Latin, neuter gerundive of addere, to add; see add.]

addendum (əˈdɛndəm)
n, pl -da (-də)
1. something added; an addition
2. a supplement or appendix to a book, magazine, etc
3. (Mechanical Engineering) the radial distance between the major and pitch cylinders of an external screw thread
4. (Mechanical Engineering) the radial distance between the pitch circle and tip of a gear tooth
[C18: from Latin, literally: a thing to be added, neuter gerundive of addere to add]

ad•den•dum (əˈdɛn dəm)

n., pl. -da (assaf(-də)) .
1. a thing to be added; an addition.
2. an appendix to a book.
[1785–95; neuter singular of Latin addendus to be added, gerundive of addere to add]

a supplement or appendix added to a book or other written work.
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Noun1.addendum - textual matter that is added onto a publicationaddendum - textual matter that is added onto a publication; usually at the end
matter - written works (especially in books or magazines); "he always took some reading matter with him on the plane"
back matter, end matter - written matter following the main text of a book
appendix - supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book
continuation, sequel - a part added to a book or play that continues and extends it

noun addition, supplement, extra, extension, attachment, appendix, postscript, affix, adjunct, appendage, augmentation, codicil If you are self-employed, you have to get an addendum to the tax form.
addendum [əˈdendəm] N (addenda (pl)) [əˈdendə]ad(d)enda f, adición f, artículo m suplementario
addendum [əˈdɛndəm] [addenda] [əˈdɛndə] (pl) n (= appendix) → addendum m
n pl <addenda> → Nachtrag m
addendum [əˈdɛndəm] n (addenda (pl)) [əˈdɛndə]aggiunta addenda npl (to book, report) → addenda mpl

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In his pocket was a bottle, carefully corked, empty save for a little roll of paper, which proved to be the addendum to the log.
That's what I'd do, I know, an' it 'ud be better fun a'most nor seein' two chaps fight,--if it wasn't them chaps as sold cakes an' oranges at the Fair, as the things flew out o' their baskets, an' some o' the cakes was smashed--But they tasted just as good," added Bob, by way of note or addendum, after a moment's pause.
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