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He ought never, therefore, to have out of his thoughts this subject of war, and in peace he should addict himself more to its exercise than in war; this he can do in two ways, the one by action, the other by study.
The conjectures awakened by even a momentary consideration of the possibilities involved became at once as wildly bizarre as the insane imagings of a drug addict.
David added: "We have three priests from the community: a former weapons dealer, drug addict and drug dealer.
Everything is blocked out except the fleeting perception of ecstasy, in the same way as a cocaine addict is euphoric after a hit.
PANIC volunteer Kath Williams, whose daughter is a heroin addict, said: "If we can get through to even just a few people then hopefully this warning will get passed around.
During his short life he had suffered many hardships, been a drug addict, recovered, contracted Aids and lived life in such a way that many remember him with pride.
The concluding tide cards announce that the central figure of the documentary, Dean Wilson, a heroin addict and president of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, has failed in his attempts to quit heroin and in his efforts to open safe injection sites.
because an addict is an addict, and addicts relapse," said Cook County Associate Judge Lawrence P.
Ironically, Jonnes finds hope in the statistic that up to half of American addicts may be HIV positive and thus "that much of America's big addict population will die of AIDS in the next decade.
Another section of this book addresses all the ways the addict, the adult child of an alcoholic, and the co-dependent repeat behavior in organizations that were learned in their families and other addictive settings.