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A few days afterward he sent me an invitation to deliver an address at the next meeting of the Educational Association.
This address at Madison was the first that I had delivered that in any large measure dealt with the general problem of the races.
He telegraphed to me from London that he had arrived all safe, and directed me to come down at once, giving the Langham Hotel as his address.
You would have been less amiable in my eyes had there NOT been this little unwillingness; but allow me to assure you, that I have your respected mother's permission for this address.
I go back into my life, and I address myself to the noblest of created beings," continued Pesca, vehemently apostrophising my unworthy self over the top rail of the chair.
Vholes of his agreement with Richard that he should call there to learn his address.
if I give you the address, will you promise to tell me all about it when you come back?
The opening paragraph of our Address to the Emperor was framed as follows:
The president, Sir Francis M , made an important communication to his colleagues, in an address that was frequently interrupted by applause.
But what was most amusing," he continued, with a sudden, good-natured laugh, "was that we could not think how to address the reply
The address I cannot call to mind quite so correctly; but I am almost sure it was at some theatrical place in Bow Street, Covent Garden.
Eliot then began his sermon, or address, from Ezek.