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George, 1866–1944, U.S. humorist.


1. a suffix found in nouns denoting an action or process or the person or persons acting, appearing in loanwords from Romance languages (cannonade; fusillade; renegade), and occasionally productive in English (blockade).
2. a noun suffix indicating a drink made of a particular fruit, normally a citrus: lemonade.
[< French < Occitan, Sp, or Upper Italian -ada < Latin -āta, feminine of -ātus -ate1; or < Sp -ado < Latin -ātus -ate1]


a collective suffix like -ad1: decade.
[< French < Greek; see -ad1]
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Noun1.Ade - a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juiceade - a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice
beverage, drinkable, potable, drink - any liquid suitable for drinking; "may I take your beverage order?"
lemonade - sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice
limeade - sweetened beverage of lime juice and water
orangeade - sweetened beverage of diluted orange juice
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As George Ade has said, "Anything attached to a wall is liable to be a telephone in Paris.
Many members of our CT ADE community are already working together, helping each other leverage the power and flexibility of the CT ADE platform along with their developed applications.
Existing users and new customers alike will benefit from the following new features of Envox CT ADE 9.
Additionally, Syntellect is introducing new lower pricing of $189 per port for the current CT ADE version, which includes full feature support for Dialogic([R]) System Release 6.
German authorities have notified KLA-Tencor that a Phase II investigation of the proposed acquisition of ADE by KLA-Tencor has begun.
The transaction will continue to be subject to customary closing conditions, including approval by ADE stockholders.
Envox CT ADE, one of the most widely used interactive voice response (IVR) development tools in the industry today, is a collection of utilities that enables developers to quickly and easily create and deploy IVR solutions.
Standard metrology recipes do not work with strained silicon wafers and AmberWave is working with ADE and other inspection and metrology partners to qualify their tools to measure strained silicon wafers," said Mitch Tyson, AmberWave's chief executive officer.
We are pleased to welcome ADE as part of KLA-Tencor," stated Rick Wallace, CEO.
The sales, service and support facilities in Milpitas will be expanded into an Applications Center for Disk Metrology supporting ADE Technologies, Inc.
Further information on potential factors that could affect KLA-Tencor's or ADE Corporation's respective businesses is contained in their reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including their respective Form 10-K's.