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 (ə-dē′, ăd′ēm′)
tr.v. a·deemed, a·deem·ing, a·deems Law
To fail to pass on (an item of property) by will because of ademption.

[From Latin adimere, to take away (influenced by redeem); see ademption.]


vb (tr)
to cancel or withdraw (a legal agreement)
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Day and night is the same there," said Adam Adeem, who looked weaker after imprisonment than he did after 50 days without food.
Adeem added: "Birmingham is our second biggest market in the UK.
The consortium is completed by two Kuwaiti companies -Investment Dar and Adeem Investment.
His colleague Adeem Khan, also 17, agrees: "I haven't lost any weight because I had none to lose, but I got my six-pack back," he grins.
The battle began when a roadside bomb exploded near the convoy in the Adeem district.
See also Guzman, supra note 58, at 780 ("[a]n interest will adeem by satisfaction, in whole or in part, provided that there is sufficiently expressed intent that an inter vivos gift be charged against a beneficiary's testate share"); Van Foreman McClellan, Note, Inter Vivos Transfers: Will They Stand up against the Surviving Spouse's Elective Share?
In the second level, memorizing 24 consecutive parts of the Holy Quran with reciting, Abdullah bin Khalifa bin Adeem al-Subaihi from Sinaw Centre came first, Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Ghazali from Al Khuwair Centre came second and Naheel bin Rashid bin Mohammed al-Nu'aimi came third.
Dyiar Al-Balad, Adeem Capital Company and Retaj Company has inked a memorandum of understanding lately to launch Shariah-compliant funds for the establishment of the Retaj district, which is one of the first projects within Makkah Gate.
Aston Martin was sold by Ford in 2007, when the US car giant needed to raise cash, and was bought by Kuwait's Investment Dar, David Richards, John Sinders and Kuwaitbased Adeem Investment for PS479 million.
During the prize distribution ceremony Abdullah Sahad Adeem Aulad Thani along with Khalfan Mohammed and Hamdan of Al Rifa Club handed over the trophies to the winners and runners-up.
Another protester, Adam Adeem, said that the men were not concerned about possible arrest, as many have spent time in jail given that their refugee identification is not always considered acceptable to authorities.
Jumeirah is a member of Dubai Holding, while Grosvenor House Apartments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Park Lane Properties, which is majority owned by a consortium of Kuwait-based companies including Adeem Investment & Wealth Management Company, The Investment Dar and Stehwaz Holding Company.